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    Monday 4/13
    3:30 - 5:30 Practice at BU Field
    Tuesday 4/14 
    5:30 Varsity at St. Charles North
    Wednesday 4/15
    3:30 - 5:30 Practice at BU Field 
    Thursday 4/16
    5:30 Varsity vs Wheaton Warrenville South at Benet Campus
    Friday 4/17
    3:30 - 5:30 Practice at BU Field
    Saturday 4/18
    12:30 Junior Varsity vs Carmel at Benet Campus
    3:00 Varsity vs Carmel at Benet Campus

    Team Breakfast, Notre Dame Campus

    Schwan's Fundraising for Benet

    We've partnered with Schwan's Home Delivery and started a fundraising campaign called "Benet Boys Lacrosse".  Our goal is to raise $3,500 between March 2, 2015 and April 16, 2015.  Please try and join the team as a fundraiser by March 2.

    To join:

    • Visit our campaign page by clicking the link below
    • Click "Join Now" to set yourself up with a fundraising profile
    • Once your profile is submitted, you will be approved as a fundraiser
    • Once approved, access your "Manage" page and start contacting your friends and family for support once the campaign opens on March 2


    Brian Hall, a member of our board and head of our fundraising efforts, can help with questions. 


    Upcoming Events

    • Apr
    • 18
    Carmel at Junior Varsity
    • Apr
    • 18
    Carmel at Varsity
    • Apr
    • 20
    Marist at Junior Varsity
    • Apr
    • 20
    Varsity at Marist
    • Apr
    • 21
    Notre Dame at Junior Varsity


    Naperville TV

    Highlights from Benet games vs Naperville schools.

      Past and Present Players and their Colleges

      Conor Moran (2011) Randolph Macon

      Declan McGuire (2013) Lafayette University

      Riley Mann (2014) Georgetown University

      Jack Moran (2014) Furman University

      Liam Simes (2014) Colby College

      Will O'Grady (2016) Furman University

      Reese Koberov (2014) Oberlin College

      Will Mann (2014) Loyola (MD)

      John D'Angelo (2017) United States Air Force Academy

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